We are an NPIP certified poultry farm in North Central Kansas. We specialize in breeding a variety of large fowl and bantams. We breed exhibition/Breeding quality chickens for show stock, poultry breeders, and backyard poultry enthusiasts alike. Check out our: Ameraucanas,Marans,Cochin Bantams,Silkies,Speckled Sussex,Bielefelders,Gold Deathlayers,Ayam Cemani,olive-egg layers,&Cream Legbars.

Gypsy Hen Poultry  PO Box 66 Green, KS 67447 (785) 447-0988 

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We ship hatching eggs across the U.S., Alaska, and Puerto Rico and hatch chicks by order locally (for pick up in Green, KS). Contact us to arrange your order!

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