SOLD OUT for Spring 2023 

The Gypsy Hen Poultry & Farm  103 N Monroe Ave Afton, OK 74331  (918) 704-4555

Wheaten Marans eggs -   $7.00/ea or $84/doz
(We ship USPS priority to all states in the continental U.S., AK and PR. Shipping added at checkout.)

Wheaten Marans chicks  -   $12.00/ea Straight run
(local pick-up only)

The wheaten marans are the second breed/variety we started with after ameraucanas so I like to think we have specialized in these two breeds. We are still thrilled with the beauty of these birds and feel we have done our part to also improve their quality and egg color. There are few birds that also look better free ranging than the wheaten color.  We more recently added blues so eggs will hatch roughly 50/50 wheaten/blue wheaten.