The Gypsy Hen Poultry & Farm  30759 Highway AA  Eldridge, MO 65463   (918) 704-4555

We breed "true" Ameraucanas in Silver (in addition to Blue, Black, and Splash or BBS). Silver is another one of the 8 varieties of Ameraucanas accepted by the American Poultry Association. We also focuson producing show-quality stock in the silver variety which to date, has few breeders working on the variety.  We hold memberhips in both the Ameraucana Breeders Club (ABC)  and Ameraucana Alliance. Check out the breed standards here:

Ameraucana chicks  -   $10.00/ea Straight run
(local pick-up only)

Ameraucana eggs  -   $4.50 /ea
(We ship USPS priority express to all states in the continental U.S. Flat rate shipping charges of $18.00.)