How are hatching eggs shipped?

Hatching eggs are shipped via USPS Priority and use a quantity of packing materials necessary to ensure that your eggs arrive undamaged. Depending on location, eggs typically go out Monday-Wednesday and are the freshest eggs possible. Eggs are double-boxed, secured inside an inner carton, and also foiled in case of X-ray.  We ship eggs within the continental U.S., Alaska, and Puerto Rico. We can not ship eggs out of the U.S.A.

What hatching rate can I expect for shipped eggs?

We do not guarantee hatching rate BECAUSE there are so many factors that come into play when shipping eggs that are beyond our control and that can alter the hatching rate. Eggs shipped are labeled in such a way that postal workers can identify "live embryos" inside. We also ship eggs near the beginning of the week to hedge against eggs being stuck in the post office over the weekend; therefore, we do the best possible but sometimes at best hatching rate of eggs shipped can be 50-60 percent which is often the standard for shipped eggs. This should be considered when placing your order.  With this in mind we do our absolute best to ensure 99 percent of eggs shipped are fertile, shipped in a timely manner, and handled with the best care to allow higher hatching rates for you!

Can I put my eggs immediately in the incubator after I receive them?

Let the eggs come to room temperature before being placed in the incubator. We used to recommend letting the eggs "settle" for 24 hours, but after several experiments I personally have found no difference in hatching rates. I therefore recommend to get the eggs started incubating soon after you receive them.

Do you ship chicks?

We do not ship chicks. We have achieved hatch rates in shipped eggs that no longer necessitated shipping chicks.

What happens if eggs arrive damaged?

Occasionally damage in shipment does occur. In this case please contact me asap after your order arrives and I will do my best to take care of the USPS claim process for you. With approved claims and proof of damage we reship eggs for only shipping cost.