The Gypsy Hen Poultry & Farm  30759 Highway AA  Eldridge, MO 65463   (918) 704-4555

Ameraucana eggs  -   $4.50 /ea
(We ship USPS priority express to all states in the continental U.S. Flat rate shipping charges of $18.00.)

Ameraucana chicks  -   $10.00/ea Straight run
(local pick-up only)

We breed "true" Ameraucanas in Blue, Black, and Splash (BBS) and focus on producing show-quality stock.  Ameraucanas are often mistaken for Easter-eggers or "Americaunas", which can be wonderful chickens that we also offer, but they are not a pure breed. Ameraucanas are noted for their beards and muffs and pea-combs making them a superb cold-hearty breed. We like the Ameraucanas because the hens especially are of the easy-going, friendly variety of feathered fowl. We are members of the Ameraucana Breeders Club (ABC) and Ameraucana Alliance and do our part to improve the species. Check out the breed standards here: