Birchen Marans eggs -   $5.00/ea or $60/doz
(We ship USPS priority express to all states in the continental U.S. Flat rate shipping charges of $18.00.)

Birchen Marans chicks  -   $12.00/ea Straight run
(local pick-up only)

Our Birchen Marans are bred according to the French standard. We aim to produce show quality birds with feathered shanks.   As of 2018 we are also breeding the blue birchen variety. Eggs will hatch roughly 50% blue and 50% black. If you have a color preference it may be possibly to select for one of the colors depending on the set up of breeding pens. Please call or text to place a specific order. Otherwise, we will include both blue and black.

The Gypsy Hen Poultry & Farm  30759 Highway AA  Eldridge, MO 65463  (918) 704-4555

*Ask about discounts for 10+ chick orders