Howdy! Welcome to 'The Gypsy Hen! We are Paul and Rachel Heldermon operating a small family farm in Northeast Oklahoma. When you talk to the 'Gypsy,' its usually myself - Rachel. But believe me, my husband Paul does his fair share of the poultry work from designing poultry pens to carrying birds across the yard of a night to a new breeding pen (under close direction of myself lol). So  together, we do our best to bring quality poultry to the marketplace. Our customers include the serious poultry breeder to the backyard chicken enthusiasts and many 4-Hers in between. Both Paul and I have our degrees in Agriculture. (Go Oklahoma State Pokes)!  And we both really enjoy working the land and with animals. Besides poultry we also raise Charolais and Angus cattle. We farm and ranch full time!

I took an interest in breeding poultry several years ago after moving back home from a 5-year stint of working with the United States Department of Agriculture in the hectic and busy Washington, D.C..  I raised my own mixed backyard flock and enjoyed so much watching the birds grow. It became a very relaxing pastime and much needed respite for this country girl.  I took a particular liking to the true Ameraucanas and the more learned, the more I became a serious breeder. Now, many years later, I specialize in raising several varieties of Ameraucanas and Marans and we have most recently added Barnevelders. We aim to breed to the standards set forth by the American Poultry Association.  I am more of a behind the scenes type of person but many folks show our birds each year and we really enjoy raising quality birds and getting the great feedback we do each year.

Thanks for stopping by our website and let us know if we can be of any help to you here at the Gypsy Hen!